Commercial Building Inspection

A Commercial Building Inspection, also known as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA), provides the purchaser, lessee, or financial institution with the knowledge required about a commercial property before conducting any business or real estate transactions.

KR Engineering Inc. has a professional and experienced team who will complete the commercial building inspection according to ASTM Standard E 2018-15, the industry-accepted standard, and provide you with the information and guidance necessary for a sound decision.

Whether there are immediate repairs to be made or some that can be deferred, our team will assist you in reaching the best outcome for you. Not only is a PCA essential to a purchasing transaction, but it is also beneficial before complete renovations as you and your contractor can set targets and outcomes with realistic costs considered.

In a PCA, we assess the significant components of a property to determine if they have been well maintained or allowed to deteriorate and what solutions need to be put in place to restore them:

  • Structure (foundation and overall physical condition)
  • Exterior (walls, fencing)
  • Interior (finishes of common and tenant areas)
  • Mechanical Systems (heating, air conditioning, plumbing, insulation)
  • Electrical System (connection, panel box)
  • Safety (fire protection, life safety systems)
  • Access (elevators, stairwells, parking areas, walkways)

Depending on the reason for the building condition assessment, many aspects may be included in our Property Condition Report, including problem investigations, financing assessment, pre and post-lease assessments, pre-construction surveys, capital replacement studies etc.

Commercial Building Inspection Services

Problem Investigation

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Pre and Post-Lease Assessment

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Pre and Post-construction Survey

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